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Storms Happen

Fallen tree on Miner's PathAssessing damage following Hurricane Leslie (2012).

When Storms Visit

After a severe storm makes landfall, conditions are surveyed and assessed by the East Coast Trail Association. From time to time we recieve reports of paths which are partially blocked following a storm. Most blockages and resulting damage will likely be from "blow-downs," trees that have fallen on or near the trail. Blow-downs can block the trail by falling on it or across it, and can also cause serious damage to the trail bed when a tree's root system tears through the trail bed. Trees that have been damaged but not fallen may also lean over the trail. We call these "leaners." Blow-downs, leaners and erosion can cause damage to the trail bed and to trail structures. Some erosion and damage may not be readily apparent.

Use Caution

We recognize that hikers will continue to use the trail in a wide variety of weather conditions. It is vital to be aware of existing conditions while hiking a wilderness trail. Plan to take special care and use discretion for the conditions you encounter.

We update our Path Detail pages as information on changing path conditions becomes available. Please review the section labeled: Current Path Status on the path detail page.