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[East Coast Trail]
[East Coast Trail]


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The East Coast Trail

Cape St. Francis to Cappahayden 265 km of developed trail Cape St. Francis to Cappahayden
265 km of developed trail as of June 2012

The stunning East Coast Trail is located on the east coast of Canada along the scenic shores of the Avalon Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Developed Trail

265 km of the Trail have been hardened to a world class hiking standard: 45 km from Cape St. Francis south to historic St. John's, and 220 km from Fort Amherst, St. John's to Cappahayden on the beautiful southern shore. It is equipped with trail signage, maps and supporting trail information to enhance your hiking experience along our shores and through the wilderness. This section of Trail consists of a series of 24 paths each with a northern and a southern trailhead that is marked with distinctive signage. Each of these paths can be hiked as an individual experience. Each Path has been assigned a difficulty rating of either Easy, Moderate, Difficult, or Strenuous. Use of ECTA maps is highly recommended for locating trailheads, learning about distances and understanding how we rate the level of difficulty of each individual paths.

Undeveloped Trail

275 km of Trail are undeveloped, are not yet supported with trail maps and signage, and should only be attempted by experienced remote wilderness hikers and backpackers. The undeveloped Trail includes: the northern section between Topsail Beach and Cape St. Francis; the southern section between Cappahayden and Trepassey, and the deep wilderness section (concept only) between Ferryland and Placentia. These undeveloped sections of trail should not be hiked unless you are fully equipped with appropriate clothing, footwear, food, maps and a safety preparedness plan in place. You must be self reliant if attempting any of these sections.

Future Trail Development

We plan to develop northern sections of Trail between Cape St. Francis and Topsail Beach (dependant on funding).

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